Feb 19

Snapshot: French in our homeschool right now (French apps, books, curriculum, games)

I am often asked the question of what we do for French in our homeschool. So, here’s a snapshot of our regular activities right now. Reading aloud Reading is such a great way to learn and practice a language, especially … Continue reading

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Feb 12

French Valentine’s Day Activities: Activités pour la Saint Valentin

We had a little Valentine celebration at our French club this week. Here’s what we did: Active game: Hugs & Kisses (Bisous et Calins) This game came from this link. We just played it in French instead. The children took … Continue reading

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Dec 06

Christmas-themed French activities

Yikes – December snuck up on me! Here are some fun and easy French vocabulary-building activities you can do with your kids. Christmas Bingo in French (no parent French needed) This web site has a great printout for Bingo that’s … Continue reading

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Oct 23

Fun techie & mixer ideas for getting kids to speak in French

One of the activities we do to enhance the kids’ language ability is a weekly French Club.  The format for the club this year is to start with a vocabulary-building active/running game for the first 15-25 minutes, followed by a … Continue reading

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Oct 09

Thanksgiving-themed ideas for practicing French vocabulary

It’s Thanksgiving this coming weekend here in Canada. For those of you reading from elsewhere, you can save these ideas for later or adapt them to your own upcoming celebrations.  🙂 Group game Photo credit: Eric Schmuttenmaer, Flickr, used by … Continue reading

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Sep 27

French club: Obstacle courses, books, and pies (oh, my!)

We recently re-started our French club after a break for the summer. This session, we have 8 children ranging in age from 7-11. This is a great group size – big enough to do interactive group activities but not so … Continue reading

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Aug 14

Three helpful books on raising bilingual kids

Photo credit:  kirilhristov, flickr, used by Creative Commons license I love to read, especially on the beach. Our recent family beach trip was spent reading many books, including about 6 on bilingualism. I wish I had read them sooner! It … Continue reading

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Jul 18

The biggest bilingual challenge we’ve faced so far

Raising bilingual kids is hard. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – mostly to remind myself. If I expect it to be hard, then I’m less likely to get frustrated and give up when it actually is. … Continue reading

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Jul 14

Sara Jordan’s Bilingual Songs CD set (product review)

This CD collection is my favourite for language learning. Each song introduces simple terms in a fun and memorable way. Best of all, the music is appealing for all ages! We borrowed the first two CD’s from the library and … Continue reading

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Jun 14

Teaching French vocabulary with Star Wars

My son is obsessed with Star Wars. Every time I turn around, he’s got his light sabre going, trying to get his sister to duel with him. When I send him up to his room to get dressed, I don’t … Continue reading

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