A review of Think Bilingual Free app

thinkbilingualThis app is fun, educational, and best of all – free! Three different languages are included – English, French, and Spanish.

There are 14 sections – each addressing basic areas of language. For example, one is around the house and another is animals. They don’t label the sections as such – it’s more of a story approach. When you first start, the story is that aliens have landed and you’re trying to find them fuel by correctly answering questions. Later on, the aliens need a hospital and you need to help them find it by following directions in the car. These overall story sections are done in English (written), but the instructions in each section are in French (audio).

This app is one of my 8 year old son’s favourites. He likes the game aspect of it.

I like that the language learning is clear, and that kids can absorb different vocabulary depending on where they are at. For example, one of the audio instructions comes on to turn the light. A beginner might only absorb and remember the word light, but a more advanced student would pick up the entire phrase.

It’s rare to find such a great app being offered at no charge. Grab it before the publisher figures that out and decides to charge for it. 🙂

Download it here.


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5 thoughts on “A review of Think Bilingual Free app

  1. Sounds like a great app. Too bad it’s not available for Android. I’ll keep my eye out for it, though. It may come out for Android eventually.

  2. We have been using this app since you shared this post, and my kids have been loving it!! It is at a perfect level for my 5 and 7 year olds…challenging enough for them, and yet very fun and engaging. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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