Giveaway: Online French classes from Bon Voyage France (2 prizes)

bon voyage franceBon Voyage France has generously offered to give away not just one, but two great prizes!

First prize = a full 10-week session of live online classes ($138 USD value)

Second prize = $50USD credit to use towards the purchase of any class or private lessons

Classes are taught by Elizabeth Porter, who is a National Board Certified French teacher with experience in teaching home school classes.  Here’s how she describes herself on her website:

I love sharing my beautiful language and rich culture with others! Not only do I teach online and classroom based French courses, I also lead educational trips to France! I have two children, both boys, an 8 year old and a 3 year old! I have experience in working with children who have special needs as my 8 year old son has high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder! My method of teaching French is designed to accommodate all learners, promotes fluency, and reduces brain fatigue. I look forward to sharing my passion for all things French and my experiential learning method with all of you!

Elizabeth’s classes are appropriate for children ages 5+, with or without special needs.

Classes offered by Bon Voyage France

French 1-1, French 1-2, French 1-3:  Beginner level with little or no prior French knowledge, ages 5-19, 10 weeks per level

Le Petit Prince Book Study:  ages 13-19, 5 weeks

French cooking class:  ages 5-19, 5 weeks

Private lessons are also available.

Class sampler video:

I have not tried these classes myself so I can’t give you a recommendation one way or the other, but here is a sampler video to give you an idea of what to expect:

Elizabeth was also featured on the news:

To enter the giveaway

Easy peasy – no crazy entry forms to fill out.  Just leave a comment below telling me what Bon Voyage French class you think you’d be most interested in taking – French 1-1, French 1-2, French 1-3Le Petit Prince Book StudyFrench cooking class, or private lessons.  This isn’t a commitment – you can choose a different class later!  Just tell me the one that jumps out at you.  Maximum one entry per person.

Prize drawings

Giveaway closes at 11:59pm Eastern time on Monday, September 5th.  I will draw two commenters at random.  The first one will win the free session ($138 value), and the second will win the $50 credit.  I will contact the winners by email on Tuesday, September 6th.  They will have 48 hours to claim their prize, at which time I will draw again if necessary.

This giveaway is open to residents anywhere in the world where it is permitted by law.

Bonne chance!










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44 thoughts on “Giveaway: Online French classes from Bon Voyage France (2 prizes)

  1. I would be interested in the beginner level for our 3 children! We are moving to a french city in 2 weeks and would love to have my children speaking french:)

  2. French 1-1 for sure to continue on with their French learning. Thx for the great giveaway! 🙂

  3. Would love the Petit Prince class for my 13 yr old as she has been passionately studying with Duolingo for a YEAR and deserves a class tailored to her needs! Thnx for this great chance😊😊😊 !

  4. Either the book study (especially as I intend to read Le Petit Prince to mes enfants one day) or the French cooking course.

  5. I would be interested in signing up my 7 yr old daughter in French 1-3.

  6. French 1-1 for me and my four homeschooled babes. It would be awesome to explore this amazing language together.

  7. I would try French 1-1! It’s hard to get us started, but I’d love to see if THIS could be the right fit for us!

  8. I would love to introduce my almost 7 year old son, who also has special needs and is high functioning, to the beautiful French language. sounds like French 1-1 would be perfect for him.

    • My son just got done with 1-1 and he is high functioning ASD, he just turned 8. He LOVED it and was able to work at his own pace, which is really nice. I also have another student who took 1-1 last session who has HF ASD and he also did really well in the class.
      1-1 is a really good introductory class!

  9. My kids are in (full) French school so I’d love to get up to their level (or even close). Thanks for hosting and the Sponsor for giving.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  10. I’d LOVE to learn the French 1-1 for myself and my two kids. My boy’s 4 and my girl’s 15. After my daughter found out some of her family came from France to Hull, Quebec she was convinced to keep learning and now she loves it. Problem is this year’s her first year of homeschooling and she’s only worried about her French. She knows I can’t teach her. I only wish I paid more attention in school. Maybe if I knew back then that my family was French it might have been my motivator to learn. It would be nice to learn along side my kids tho. 🙂

      • She told me she learned more in one year (grade 9) than she did in all of elementary (jk-grade 8). She loves it this year and wants to move forward with it. She knows more than me and my little guy. She’s just the one person from our family, besides myself, who would love to learn a piece of her history.

        • To answer your question she’s probably only had one solid year of instruction in a public high school setting. But now in grade 10 she’ll be homeschooled and not taught French at least not by me. Your second year might work with her.

  11. I would love to try the French 1-1 for my 7 year old daughter. This would be great for her!! Thanks😊

  12. I would love to win a free session of online french classes with Bon Voyage France. I’d be most interested in French 1-1 for both my children ages 11 and 8.

  13. I would love to win this. Just this past year started helping a ministry in Haiti which is French creole. I need all the help I can get learning ! Thank you! Susan Flex

  14. Bonjour les amis! It is so exciting to see so many people interested in learning French! I know the giveaway ends on Monday BUT my morning French 1-1 class is almost full, my French 1-2 class is filling up quickly, and my French cooking class is also almost full! If you would like to sign up to get a spot I would do so very soon, and if you win this, I would be happy to refund you the cost of the session! I just don’t want anyone to miss out who is interested! Merci !

    Also I have a meeting for my Travel Program on Monday at 8 pm Pacific time LIVE on my website! It will be archived there as well if you can’t make it! I have two REALLY exciting travel programs for 2107!

    You can enroll at

  15. I would love the French 1-1, or any of them to teach my children French. I have enrolled in French immersion in school, and would love the help to get them ahead.
    Thanks for sharing

  16. My son would love Le Petit Prince book study. He is only 10, but not a beginner french learner. I hope this would work. All of my kids would love the French cooking class! Thanks! 🙂

  17. My children vary in ages, (7-13), and would benefit greatly from private lessons; however, they all LOVE to cook!!! They’d choose French Cooking Classes for sure! 😀