Book series: J’aime le français by Sylvie Monette and Cathia Riopel

Book series: J'aime le francais

This book series has 20 books with themes that follow the progression of the school year, including:

  • En première année
  • Mon sac d’école
  • L’alphabet
  • Bonne fête!
  • L’Halloween
  • Les couleurs
  • La semaine
  • Noël
  • Les Saisons
  • Les parties du corps


  • Les vêtements
  • Le temps
  • La Saint-Valentin
  • Ma maison
  • Les fruits
  • Les légumes
  • Pâques
  • Les animaux
  • Les sentiments
  • Les métiers, les professions


Each book is about 8 pages long, with vivid illustrations and simple text. My kids absolutely loved them! I used them the first time when my oldest was in first grade, and my youngest was in JK. I read them aloud and they listened. I then had my oldest complete worksheets on the same theme from Savoirs essentiels à la maternelle and Mon vocabulaire écrit et illustré by Hélène Paquette.

I used them again this past year. My oldest (who just finished grade 3) read them out loud and my son (finished grade 1) and I listened. This time it was my son’s turn to complete the reproducible worksheets from the two books noted above.

These books are an engaging way to learn specific vocabulary related to a theme. Each short story has the vocabulary incorporated in a fun way. The illustrations are well done and captured my kids’ attention.

These books are available at my local library, but I bought them at a conference from the publisher before I realized that. If your library doesn’t carry them, you can find them online at Les Éditions La Pensée inc (not an affiliate link).

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    Book series: J’aime le français by Sylvie Monette and Cathia Riopel.
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