Books: Je peux lire niveau 1

bzzabeilleThese books are cute and contain simple stories.  20-ish pages per book with a few sentences on each page.  The age-range listed on the back is 3-6 years old, but I would say they are on the more difficult end for that level.  While each page does not contain a lot of words, the vocabulary is not repetitive.  Children would need a reasonable amount of language background before they would be able to understand these stories.  Some of the books are more difficult than others.  I requested the whole series from the library at once and then gave my daughter the easier ones to read first.

The pictures are engaging.  My 8 year old has enjoyed reading these books and my 6 year old has enjoyed listening to the stories.  The Nestor series that I reviewed a few months ago was especially enjoyable.

Je peux lire niveau 1 books are available on

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