Jul 11

In French this week…

It’s been crazy hot in Ontario this week, so we’ve been enjoying a lot of time outside in the pool. Hurray for summer! I’m super excited that my kids are finally starting to respond in French quite a bit throughout … Continue reading

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Jul 06

French Club: Worms, worms, and more worms! (activités d’apprentissage – les vers)

The gardening season in Canada is super short, but we love our summers while they last. So, a few weeks ago, we decided to have some fun with worms during our French club. We started with worm obstacle courses. My … Continue reading

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Jun 25

Book series: Crocolou

Crocolou has a daddy crocodile and a mommy wolf (loup). Each book in this series chronicles one of his simple adventures, suitable for younger kids. Both my 9 year old and 8 year old enjoyed the books when we read … Continue reading

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Jun 18

French Club: Clouds (activités d’apprentissage – les nuages)

Clouds were the theme at our French club this week. We started off with a relay race. I split the kids into 2 teams of 4 children. Each team had 4 styrofoam cups that I had decorated with hand-drawn & … Continue reading

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May 18

Learning about ocean animals in French (activités d’apprentissage animaux de l’océan / la mer)

Normally I post activities on here after we’ve done them so that I can let you know what worked and didn’t but in this case, I’m posting the lesson plans before we’ve actually worked through them.  We are studying the … Continue reading

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May 08

This week in French

Isn’t this time of the year completely nuts? Here’s what we’ve managed to squeeze in for French this week. Lesson discussion time together 15-20 minutes 4 times a week Earlier this week, we read the book Du Pain Du Lait … Continue reading

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Apr 03

French activities to learn about the Arctic (activités Arctique)

We recently completed a unit study on the Arctic.  We did a lot of fun stuff in English at our homeschool co-op but added these French activities to complement the topic.     Books with accompanying lesson ideas: Etuk et … Continue reading

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Mar 27

Fun French activities with a mystery theme (activités mystères)

I thought this was going to be the best French club ever. Turns out it was a bit of a gong show, so if you do these activities, please make sure to tweak them as I’ve suggested. 🙂 Secret code … Continue reading

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Feb 19

Snapshot: French in our homeschool right now (French apps, books, curriculum, games)

I am often asked the question of what we do for French in our homeschool. So, here’s a snapshot of our regular activities right now. Reading aloud Reading is such a great way to learn and practice a language, especially … Continue reading

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Jan 17

French snowman activities

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but in my neck of the woods it’s COLD and there is a thick blanket of the white stuff covering the ground. So, in keeping with what’s going on … Continue reading

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