Oct 09

Thanksgiving-themed ideas for practicing French vocabulary

It’s Thanksgiving this coming weekend here in Canada. For those of you reading from elsewhere, you can save these ideas for later or adapt them to your own upcoming celebrations.  🙂 Group game Photo credit: Eric Schmuttenmaer, Flickr, used by … Continue reading

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Sep 27

French club: Obstacle courses, books, and pies (oh, my!)

We recently re-started our French club after a break for the summer. This session, we have 8 children ranging in age from 7-11. This is a great group size – big enough to do interactive group activities but not so … Continue reading

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Aug 14

Three helpful books on raising bilingual kids

Photo credit:  kirilhristov, flickr, used by Creative Commons license I love to read, especially on the beach. Our recent family beach trip was spent reading many books, including about 6 on bilingualism. I wish I had read them sooner! It … Continue reading

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Jul 08

Book series: Sami by Mary Labatt

These books are great for teaching kids how to read in French and also for language development.  The text in each one is simple and the pictures are engaging. We used them for read-aloud books when my kids were 4 … Continue reading

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Jul 03

Book series: J’aime le français by Sylvie Monette and Cathia Riopel

This book series has 20 books with themes that follow the progression of the school year, including: En première année Mon sac d’école L’alphabet Bonne fête! L’Halloween Les couleurs La semaine Noël Les Saisons Les parties du corps   Les … Continue reading

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Jun 21

Our French immersion homeschool “curriculum”

French is certainly the most challenging part of our homeschool. Our goal for our children is bilingualism, which seems to be a very tall order for Anglophone parents. In spite of being fully bilingual myself, when it comes to figuring … Continue reading

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Jun 05

Des mots pour lire 1 & 2 by Jacqueline Veillette

These books from Envolée are geared to first grade French Immersion level. Each book has worksheets with vocabulary and simple stories (8 sentences or so) for the kids to read. The first time the story is presented, the English translation … Continue reading

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May 30

Trousse de dépannage en lecture

My youngest (age 7) is working through these books for two reasons: Learning to read in French, and expanding his vocabulary. Each workbook in the series is full colour and they move through a logical sequence based on phonics. Since … Continue reading

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May 25

Collection À pas de loup – Dominique et Compagnie

I came across a really fabulous set of readers a few weeks ago. My children each read a short French book aloud most days and this is the set my 8 year old has been working through. I’ve added them … Continue reading

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May 19

Robert Munsch en classe: Un guide pour les enseignants

I have to admit that when we first received a few Robert Munsch books as gifts for our kids when they were younger, I wasn’t a huge fan.  Call me fussy, but who wants to give kids the idea that … Continue reading

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