Jun 19

Grammaire de Base by ERPI

Woo hoo – grammar time! (said no child ever)  As boring as grammar can be, Grammaire de Base does a good job of breaking it down into manageable chunks. This program starts at grade 3 first language/immersion level and has … Continue reading

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Jun 17

Apprivoiser la dictée 3 and Apprivoiser la dictée 4 by Envolée

Part of our structured French time involves dictation practice. My youngest, age 7, is using this time for Star Wars copywork right now, and my oldest, age 8, has been working through Apprivoiser la dictée 3 for several months. This … Continue reading

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Jun 16

Cricket Kids app – Opposites (Contraires)

App available for ios, Android Price – $1.99 Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese This app teaches kids different pairs of opposites. My son (age 7) has been using it for a while and he really likes it. In … Continue reading

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Jun 14

Teaching French vocabulary with Star Wars

My son is obsessed with Star Wars. Every time I turn around, he’s got his light sabre going, trying to get his sister to duel with him. When I send him up to his room to get dressed, I don’t … Continue reading

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Jun 06

French Club Fridays

We have a group of 9 children (ages 3-10) who meet in my living room on Fridays for French Club. Normally, the first part of our time together is spent working through a song from French Sing & Learn. Once … Continue reading

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Jun 05

Des mots pour lire 1 & 2 by Jacqueline Veillette

These books from Envolée are geared to first grade French Immersion level. Each book has worksheets with vocabulary and simple stories (8 sentences or so) for the kids to read. The first time the story is presented, the English translation … Continue reading

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May 30

Trousse de dépannage en lecture

My youngest (age 7) is working through these books for two reasons: Learning to read in French, and expanding his vocabulary. Each workbook in the series is full colour and they move through a logical sequence based on phonics. Since … Continue reading

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May 26

AIM Language Learning

I had a friend tell me how impressed she was with AIM Language Learning. She had never pursued it due to its cost, but perhaps if a few people got together, once person could take the training and the others … Continue reading

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May 25

Collection À pas de loup – Dominique et Compagnie

I came across a really fabulous set of readers a few weeks ago. My children each read a short French book aloud most days and this is the set my 8 year old has been working through. I’ve added them … Continue reading

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May 22

Tumblebooks online

Tumblebooks is a web site with animated storybooks.  Our local library provides free access to the site, and I’d heard that there were some French books available.  I checked it out today, and overall I was quite disappointed.  There were … Continue reading

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