Feb 19

Snapshot: French in our homeschool right now (French apps, books, curriculum, games)

I am often asked the question of what we do for French in our homeschool. So, here’s a snapshot of our regular activities right now. Reading aloud Reading is such a great way to learn and practice a language, especially … Continue reading

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Jun 21

Our French immersion homeschool “curriculum”

French is certainly the most challenging part of our homeschool. Our goal for our children is bilingualism, which seems to be a very tall order for Anglophone parents. In spite of being fully bilingual myself, when it comes to figuring … Continue reading

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Jun 19

Grammaire de Base by ERPI

Woo hoo – grammar time! (said no child ever)  As boring as grammar can be, Grammaire de Base does a good job of breaking it down into manageable chunks. This program starts at grade 3 first language/immersion level and has … Continue reading

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Jun 17

Apprivoiser la dictée 3 and Apprivoiser la dictée 4 by Envolée

Part of our structured French time involves dictation practice. My youngest, age 7, is using this time for Star Wars copywork right now, and my oldest, age 8, has been working through Apprivoiser la dictée 3 for several months. This … Continue reading

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