Cricket Kids app – Opposites (Contraires)

cricket kidsApp available for ios, Android

Price – $1.99

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

This app teaches kids different pairs of opposites. My son (age 7) has been using it for a while and he really likes it. In the first section, he had to tap on various things in order for the characters to act out the sense of the word. For example, when he tapped on a flashing radio, music played and the two characters started dancing. The word for that screen was bruyant (noisy). When he tapped it again, the music and dancing stopped and the word was silencieux (quiet).

Twelve sets of words are presented with different actions. A quiz follows.

Our review

We all loved this app! It was really engaging and presented the concepts well. The age range recommended by the developer is under 7, but my 8 year old and I were also glued to the screen the first time through to see what the characters were going to do next.

Note that when you buy the app, you get all the languages in one download. You can find it in iTunes: Cricket Kids: Opposites – SlimCricket.

Or on Google Play here.

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