Des mots pour lire 1 & 2 by Jacqueline Veillette

desmotspourlireThese books from Envolée are geared to first grade French Immersion level. Each book has worksheets with vocabulary and simple stories (8 sentences or so) for the kids to read. The first time the story is presented, the English translation is written underneath each sentence. The second time the story is presented, there is no translation and the children pull from the word bank on the page to fill in the missing words in the story. Other pages in the book contain copywork for letter and syllable practice. The letter pages aren’t terribly useful if you’re already practicing letter formation elsewhere, but they can help solidify letter sounds in French.

We have been using these books in our homeschool for quite a while, and have been very happy with them. My 8 year old daughter finished the books a year or so ago and my 7 year old son is just starting them now. For my daughter, I found they really helped with the transition from isolated words to putting sentences together. I’m hoping to have the same result with my son. So far, he seems to tolerate the worksheets ok (which is saying a lot, considering how much this child really does not like worksheets).

Each reproducible book contains over 130 pages for $31.99 (pdf version). Pdf’s are available here: and here: . If you prefer a paper copy, you can get one at the same link or from Librairie du Centre.

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