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Bottom line: A decent teacher-marked option for students who are bilingual or at least reasonably fluent.  [If your students aren’t fluent yet but you’re looking for an online option, try Muzzy online or French Sing & Learn.

Enseignement.BE has online classes available for grades 1-12. There are options for multi-subject full-year programs (math, science, history, French, etc.) or single-subject classes.

My 12-year old daughter (grade 7) started the Secondaire 1 level of French back in January. She worked on it for about 15 minutes 3-4 times per week and finished the course in early May.

How it works

Each lesson has some reading, a quiz and a short assignment to submit. The assignments are corrected by a teacher and returned with comments but no grades. All of this is done via the classroom portal online. There is no paper and nothing to ship back and forth.

My daughter indicated that there were a lot of questions to answer about the readings, some grammar questions, and once she needed to write a story (very short – one paragraph).

What I liked about this course

How wonderful it was to have someone else mark stuff for a change!

The teacher was diligent and responsive. Assignments were corrected in a reasonable time-frame and returned with a good amount of feedback.

The price – seriously cheap for something that has a teacher marking it. Their website quotes a fee of 25 Euros per year BUT know that they have recently added a premium for students outside of the European Union. When I registered my daughter back in December, I didn’t have to pay the extra, but when I registered my son in the spring for his course, I did.

I *think* that premium was 35 Euros. I’m not 100% sure because you can’t get the pricing without going through the whole registration process, but looking back in my records, it came to $80-something Canadian dollars in total. Not as much of a steal as 25 Euros, but still a good value.

What would make this course better

Assigning grades for work

I know I can’t realistically expect detailed grading at the low price point they are offering, but what I really want is something that I can present as “proof” of competency in French when I try to register them for online courses offered here in Ontario for higher grades (available starting in grade 11 through ILC.)

Easier progress checking

To see teacher feedback, I have to login as my child and click on every assignment individually. It would be amazing if the feedback were just emailed when it was posted on the portal or if all the comments could load on a single page. Again, for the price we are paying, I don’t realistically expect such bells and whistles, but if they were there, it would make my life a lot easier.

Would I recommend Enseignement.BE?

Yes, I would recommend these courses if your child has enough fluency to be ready for them.

Not a sponsored post. I paid for access to this course and the course provider has not influenced my review in any way.

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