French Club: Worms, worms, and more worms! (activités d’apprentissage – les vers)

applewormThe gardening season in Canada is super short, but we love our summers while they last. So, a few weeks ago, we decided to have some fun with worms during our French club.

We started with worm obstacle courses. My kids put together a simple course in the basement. In order to complete the course, each child slid through it on their stomachs.

verdeterreNext came story time. Ma vie de ver de terre was laugh out loud funny for both the kids and the moms. After the story, we talked about the different meanings of ver (worm), verre (glass) and vert (green). We made a signal for each word. Ver = making snake-like motions with hands, verre=holding up an imaginary glass to mouth, vert=pointing to something green. Once the kids knew the signals, I said a sentence in French and they had to make the right signal depending on which kind of ver/verre/vert I meant. After I’d done a few, the kids and moms each took a turn saying a simple sentence as well.

We then headed outside to our compost pile. I gave each child a paper plate and they dug up a few worms and a bit of dirt and put them on the plate. We followed the experiments outlined on the EcoKids website (French version here and English version here). No worms were harmed during our experiments. We put them back into the compost pile when we were done. 🙂

The kids had a play break for 10 minutes while I cored the apples and put a gummy worm in the middle of each. We finished up with our snack and then the kids had a few extra minutes to play.

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