French printable worksheets: a roundup of sources

French printable worksheets

Looking for worksheets? Here’s a bunch you may be interested in!  Many are from Canada, and others are from France and elsewhere.  Mostly free sources with a few paid ones clearly indicated as such.

Canadian sources

On this site

If you’re an e-mail subscriber, you have free access to several things that took me hours to put together:

  • A booklet with 70 short Star Wars quotes for your child to copy in French
  • 65 quotes from the Lego Movie to copy in French
  • An outline for putting together a report on an animal
  • Activities to go with Jingle Bells (Vive le vent)

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This one is set up as a sharing site where teachers can upload worksheets to share with others. It’s organized by grade level and then subject, but has search function built in as well. FREE

This one is from the Ontario Ministry of Education. It has worksheets, videos and lesson plans. It’s meant for teachers, but can be accessed publicly. FREE


This site is available in English and French – they have a number of lesson plans about the environment, some with printables included. FREE

Tête à modeler

An assortment of activities, including printables.   Find the worksheets under the education menu. FREE

Mille Merveilles

This site has a huge selection of French printables that are colourful and engaging. I find that I am using the theme-related items more than the general language-type stuff, but I’m still glad I bought the membership even just for that. It’s $32 per year (tax included).   If your kids are younger or just beginning French, you’ll probably be able to use even more than I have.


This site has a lot of information and I’ve landed on it dozens of times when looking for French worksheets and lesson plans. The membership fee is $69.95 for 15 months, so I have not bitten the bullet and joined, but you may find it useful for where you’re at:

From outside Canada

Languages Online

I used this site a lot when we were first starting out. It has online activities and printables organized by theme. FREE

Académie en ligne

This is an entire curriculum online, meant for distance education from France. Best for immersion and advanced students. Includes lessons, worksheets, and online activities. FREE


A huge selection of worksheets on all kinds of subjects. Mostly free with some paid options.


Crocolou is actually a series of books for preschool/kindergarten. The publisher has a web site with free worksheets to go with the books. I got the books from the library so didn’t have to pay anything for the material. Read the full review here:


This site has worksheets to go with the books they publish.

Enchanted Learning

Membership to this site will give you unlimited access to printables for $20 (USD)/year. They have a basic French selection that I used when my children were in kindergarten and first grade. If you’re going to use the other stuff, the site is well worth the membership fee, but if you’re only looking for French printables, then some of the others will be a better bet.


This one was just posted in a local Facebook group and it looks fantastic.  I haven’t checked it out yet, but lots of worksheets.  FREE

Happy printing!

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