French sing & learn – available Thursday

I am so excited to announce that I have a new product coming out this Thursday, December 5th!  French Sing & Learn is a great way for children to learn new vocabulary and have fun at the same time.  After working through the e-book content, you and your child will know and understand 10 French children’s songs.  For each song, the book includes:

  • full lyrics in French and English side by side
  • song’s history & description
  • several links to different online videos that are free, appropriate, fun and engaging
  • links to sheet music to play the song at home if you wish
  • a double-sided printable worksheet that I created to reinforce the vocabulary from the song
  • activity ideas to enhance future recall of the vocabulary that has been learned

All of this information will be together in one convenient pdf file.  Instructions are written in English so that even parents who don’t speak a word of French will be able to use the book with their children.

I’m going to give away a free copy of the book in a random draw.  If you’d like to enter, please comment below telling me which cover you prefer.  I will e-mail the winner Thursday morning.  Thanks in advance for your input!

Update – Night of Mon. Dec 2nd – Based on feedback about the font in option 1 being hard to read, I added Option 3 for those who are seeing this post after now.  🙂

Update – December 7th – The winner has been notified by e-mail.  Thanks to all who entered.  You can buy the product here:

Option 1: Option 2: Option 3:
 cover-draft1  cover-draft2  cover-draft1-modified



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30 thoughts on “French sing & learn – available Thursday

  1. On the first cover, the design of the title words is captivating to look at and your eyes are drawn to the title. Having the same design throughout the title draws the whole title together so that you get an attractive and cohesive cover. Having your name in a separate font, allows your name to stand out as the author. On the second cover, the design of the word ‘French’ is different than the rest of the title so that the title as a whole is not drawn together. It’s as if the title was “Sing and Learn”. For these reasons, I prefer the first cover.

  2. I like the second cover better. In the first one, the font used for the word “French” is very distracting to my eyes, all different shapes and angles. The second is much neater, cleaner and therefore more appealing to me. (For the same reason I need my kitchen table to be clean before we start school at it….. clutter makes my brain crazy :} )

  3. Hi Leanne,

    I prefer option 3 the best. The font is large, bright and easy to read. It looks very “clean” and fresh. The word French is largest and most clear on the third choice. The book title all in the same colour gives continuity to the eye.

  4. I like the third one best because the font is clearest, and “French” stands out enough (not enough in the other two, I think). The picture is really cute, and enough flair – I don’t think you need any extra flair in the font on #1 and #2.

  5. I like the third option the best…. The only thing I might change on that, (can I suggest changes?) is that the “S” in sing would be a little more balanced top to bottom with the curves. The top curve is quite a bit larger than the bottom one and I could see some children having a bit of a more difficult time reading it. However, I don’t think that is a big deal, just something I would change a bit. Otherwise, I like the bold yellow on the blue background and your name is nice and clear as well! I can’t wait to try this out… I can think of a couple of children that will like it here. I’m interested in it whether I win or not! 🙂

    • Thanks, Roberta. I couldn’t change the S without turning the whole word, which didn’t look right, so I ended up leaving option 3 as it was.

  6. I agree with Roberta, the third option is the best. The yellow font jumps out at you and is easy to read. My kiddos would love this French resource. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having a review of your new product done on my site. This is one option to widen your audience to the home daycare market.

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