Learning French with butterflies (activités d’apprentissage – papillons)

P1160352Butterflies are such a fun subject for kids. Even though we’ve studied them in depth before in English, we recently spent some time discussing them again – this time, in French.



Favourite books:

A caterpillar who gets left behind when her sisters turn into butterflies.




A super-cute story about a worm and a caterpillar who compare their lives.




A butterfly who loves flowers, but one morning they won’t open.




French Club activities:

We started off with butterfly tag. The children who were “it” were predators of butterflies – some chose to be birds (les oiseaux), others chose snakes (les serpents). Obviously there are other animals that eat butterflies, but these were the two that the kids chose among the options.

The children drew the life cycle of the butterfly using the last page of this worksheet – we had worked through the rest of the pages as a family earlier in the week: http://www.educafrances.com/contenidos/espaciodocente/finales/enfants/Fiche_papillons_jardins.pdf

We gave the kids two options for crafts: An origami butterfly (instructions from DLTK here) or a Lego butterfly (instructions here). They had a lot of fun making these and there was a lot of opportunity for language interaction as we gave instructions, and they asked questions, etc.

IMG_4979Our butterfly snacks came from this link. We used celery, cream cheese, raisins, and pretzels. Yum!  🙂

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