Passeport apps by Hachette Livre (review / critique)

Bottom line: A great choice for kids who already have a basic French vocabulary. A fun way to practice different concepts and also pick up new words by following the instructions. Not a good choice for beginners.

cp1I think the Passeport apps by Hachette Livre are my kids’ favourite so far for French practice during electronic time.  For about 10-15 minutes a day, 5-6 days per week, each child spends some time online, or on mobile apps practicing their French.  This electronic time is a good supplement for the other activities we do.

Passeport has 4 apps so far, with a fifth one in development.  Each one was developed as a review of the concepts learned at various grade levels in the France education system – the “passport” to the next level.  Passeport du CP à CE1 is roughly a review of grade 1.  CE1 à CE2 is a review of grade 2.  CE2 à CM1 is a review of grade 3.  CM1 à CM2 is a review of grade 4.

Both my kids enjoy these apps. My 8 yo son in particular really likes them because they are in story format. When you load the app, it gives instructions on what to do at the first stage. Once you pass that level, you have the option to replay it or keep going. Each app has about 7 chapters/levels to work through.

Activity examples:

CP level

For example, in the CP level, a boy is walking along the path and to make him keep going, you need to tap the words that have the “o” sound.  At the next stage, a bird hides in the tree and to find it, you tap the words that have the “i” sound.


An activity example in CE2 (grade 3) is to classify pizza ingredients by their type.


In CM1/grade 4, an example of an activity is to draw a sword on the guards in the castle who have a word with a suffix on them.

All instructions for the activities are given in written format in French. Immediate feedback is given for each answer so the child knows exactly what was right and wrong.

Overall, I highly recommend these apps for fun French immersion practice for kids who have a base level to start.

Free versions include a few activities to try.

Available here – Google Play:

Available here – ios:

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2 thoughts on “Passeport apps by Hachette Livre (review / critique)

  1. Thanks for sharing! I just added the Duolingo app to my ipad for my 8 year old. We’ll have to check this one out when (if!) she reaches some proficiency 🙂

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