Aug 14

Three helpful books on raising bilingual kids

Photo credit:  kirilhristov, flickr, used by Creative Commons license I love to read, especially on the beach. Our recent family beach trip was spent reading many books, including about 6 on bilingualism. I wish I had read them sooner! It … Continue reading

Jul 18

The biggest bilingual challenge we’ve faced so far

Raising bilingual kids is hard. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – mostly to remind myself. If I expect it to be hard, then I’m less likely to get frustrated and give up when it actually is. … Continue reading

Jul 14

Sara Jordan’s Bilingual Songs CD set (product review)

This CD collection is my favourite for language learning. Each song introduces simple terms in a fun and memorable way. Best of all, the music is appealing for all ages! We borrowed the first two CD’s from the library and … Continue reading

Jun 21

Our French immersion homeschool “curriculum”

French is certainly the most challenging part of our homeschool. Our goal for our children is bilingualism, which seems to be a very tall order for Anglophone parents. In spite of being fully bilingual myself, when it comes to figuring … Continue reading

Jun 17

Apprivoiser la dictée 3 and Apprivoiser la dictée 4 by Envolée

Part of our structured French time involves dictation practice. My youngest, age 7, is using this time for Star Wars copywork right now, and my oldest, age 8, has been working through Apprivoiser la dictée 3 for several months. This … Continue reading

Jun 16

Cricket Kids app – Opposites (Contraires)

App available for ios, Android Price – $1.99 Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese This app teaches kids different pairs of opposites. My son (age 7) has been using it for a while and he really likes it. In … Continue reading