Sara Jordan’s Bilingual Songs CD set (product review)

This CD collection is my favourite for language learning. Each song introduces simple terms in a fun and memorable way. Best of all, the music is appealing for all ages!

We borrowed the first two CD’s from the library and listened to them over and over again in the car. We all liked them so much that we decided to buy them instead of continually renewing them from the library. The last two volumes are not as engaging as the first two. The subject matter is more complex and the music didn’t seem to draw the kids in as much. That being said, now that they are more advanced in their knowledge, it might be time for me to try these two volumes again.

sarajordan-11Volume 1 tracks: Introduction, The Alphabet, Counting to 10, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Weather and Seasons, Colours, Food, The Zoo, The Body, Clothing, Family. The CD also includes instrumental versions of all the songs so that you can practice on your own if you like. My kids’ favourite song on this CD was The Zoo. They asked me to play it on repeat many times.


sarajordan-2Volume 2 tracks: Introduction, Counting to 30, Counting by Tens, Shapes and Sizes, Emotions, The Countryside, Our Community, Opposites, Measurement, To Be and To Have, Avoir for To Be, Connaître et Savoir. Instrumental versions are included in this volume as well. My favourite on this CD is Counting to 30. The song talks about looking in the backyard and trying to count the rabbits hopping around, but not being able to do so because they keep multiplying. This made me laugh hysterically (but don’t worry – it’s not explicit and the double meaning goes right over kids’ heads.)

sarajordan3Volume 3 tracks: Introduction, Pleased to Meet You, Remember the Gender, Articles, Plurals in the Circus, Dates, There is There Are, A Francophone Party, My House is Your House, Which One, I’m Shopping, A Capital Idea. Instrumental versions included.



sarajordan4Volume 4 tracks: Introduction, Formal & Informal (tu/vous), Unisex Nouns, To Be (être), Ring Ring, How Often, What is Recycling, How Much, Pen Pals, My Car, Superlatives, My Two Cents. Instrumental versions included.




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5 thoughts on “Sara Jordan’s Bilingual Songs CD set (product review)

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  2. I have all of these and used them in my classroom. Haven’t tried them on my kiddos yet, but I am planning on transferring them so we can listen as we “carschool”.

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