Thanksgiving-themed ideas for practicing French vocabulary

It’s Thanksgiving this coming weekend here in Canada. For those of you reading from elsewhere, you can save these ideas for later or adapt them to your own upcoming celebrations.  🙂

Group game

Thanksgiving-themed French vocabulary ideas Photo credit: Eric Schmuttenmaer, Flickr, used by Creative Commons license

One of the moms from our French club adapted a game this week to suit Thanksgiving and French. We were originally going to have 8 children, so the plan was to have 4 teams of 2 kids each be a different Thanksgiving food. One team would stand in the middle of the area and call out a food name. The kids who were that food would run across and try to get to the other side without being tagged. If they were tagged, they would say something they were thankful for (in French: Je suis reconnaissant(e) de…). No thankful repeats would be allowed. Then, the tagged child would go in the middle.

As it turned out, 3 kids were sick, so we were down to 5. To have a bit of variety, I gave each child 2 different food names to be, but otherwise we kept the game the same. We had to play in the basement because it was raining, but the kids absolutely loved it. They wanted to play again and again.


I love using picture books to help expand vocabulary. Here are a few Thanksgiving-themed books to keep in mind:


I used this product from Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) to spur some discussion. The kids all drew what they anticipated eating for Thanksgiving dinner and then they explained what they were going to eat. The TPT download also included some other worksheets and story prompts that I plan to use with my oldest (age 9) this week and next week.


My kids absolutely love asking their friends survey questions. This week, the question was about favourite Thanksgiving food. They had the choice of turkey (dinde), potatoes (pommes de terre), pumpkin pie (tarte aux citrouilles) and apple pie (tarte aux pommes).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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