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tumblebookTumblebooks is a web site with animated storybooks.  Our local library provides free access to the site, and I’d heard that there were some French books available.  I checked it out today, and overall I was quite disappointed.  There were only 25 books in French for kids to choose from.  On the plus side, each book is animated and read aloud with the text on the screen at the same time.  This could be extremely helpful for reluctant readers or for parents who aren’t confident in their pronunciation for read-alouds.   25 books won’t last long, but it’s a start.  It’s also quite possible that there are more titles available with a better access package.

If you’d like to check out Tumblebooks, try the online resource section of your library’s website first to see if you have free access.  If not, then you can access the site directly at:  https://www.tumblebooks.com/

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